About Us

International Co., Ltd Vijai is a very young company in the market, with a charter capital of USD 100,000 on May 07/2012, but with experienced management team for many years working in the MNC of the United States, Japan, the company has ambitions to become one of the leading trading companies in Vietnam and the region.

With the motto "Serving for your success" Our Company always put the interests and the success of our customers at the center position, which is the guideline for all business activities of the company. To do that, we are constantly raising awareness for class management and employees about the importance of customers to the existence of the company.

With multi-trades oriented services but within our expertise and understanding, our company is constantly looking for reputable & creditable suppliers to ensure quality, professional working style and business spirit of "grow together". We hope to contribute to building a healthy Vietnamese business community, sustainable development to do serve a society better.

Our business scope includes:

1) Purchase and sale of raw materials for the steel industry

2) Purchase and sale of iron scrap, non-ferrous metals, plastic

3) Purchase and sale of biodiesel fuel from sawdust, rice husk

4) Provide machinery industry: machinery and machinery for factories

5) Purchase and sale of minerals: Kaolin, Fluorite, Ilmenite titanium slag, Rutine, ...

6) Outsourcing M & E: Receiver tank, Heat Exchanging tank, plunge, Gasket, ...

We look forward to the cooperation of our customers and suppliers.

Any request or inquiry, please kindly contact our Head office at:

74/28/10 Phan Van Hon Kp.3, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: 0862 558 559

Fax: 0862 558 192

Email: vijaigroupsg@gmail.com